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freeTimeLabs specializes in finding the right solution for your small business.

The labs was started in our free time, working on websites and development projects as a hobby. From learning how to create the 'Internet of Things' projects to acquiring the know-how to design and create pages on various web frameworks, we continue to develop our skill set today studying Computer Information Systems with a web development concentration in College currently. We offer this growing expertise to you and your business, while we work together in crafting and implementing the best plan to move your company forward.

Whether you need something as basic as a pre-built wordpress theme or a complex custom webpage, we can work with your needs and budget to come up with the right solution.

Don't want to worry about the upkeep of a website? We can even host your site and walk you through the process of purchasing a domain.

Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe It's worth a visit.

Our friends at Scrummy Afters had a very cool webpage. Sadly, it was not responsive and ultimately did not work when viewed on cell phones. With over 77% of Americans owning a smartphone this was a problem. We worked to find a beautiful wordpress theme and started their site over again with beautiful and colorful displays. Better yet, the page worked the same viewed on a desktop monitor or a smartphone screen.

Example Page Scrummy Afters

eSteam Salon A new business.

eSteam was a local business just starting out. In an effort to expand their footprint with a basic, inexpensive, yet informative website, fitting of their style, we found a beautiful wordpress theme and built them this great site with minimal cost to their budding business.

Example Page eSteam Salon

Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe Growing up! (Coming soon)

Above you saw that we worked with Scrummy Afters to create a quality, responsive website to replace their sometimes broken page. When they decided to expand their business, they needed a fresh design with some custom needs. Working with them, we designed an entirely new webiste from the ground up that matched the atmosphere of their business.

Example Page Scrummy Rebuild

Send us an e-mail to set up a meeting: antonio@freetimelabs.com.